• Are your manufacturer or dealer who imports and cater HPL markets in India?

    We are manufacturer and 100% process is done in our factory in PUNE INDIA
  • What is maximum width you can make Press Mould?

    Maximum Width is 1250mm and Length is 2500mm 
  • Which material you can process for texture mould plate?

    CRSS, Grade 304, 304L , 316, 316L & J4
  • Apart from 300 series of stainless steel, which other material you can process?

    Currently our R&D Team is putting  efforts on hard steel like 410 & 430 series
  • Do you only manufacture Plate Moulds for HPL?

    No, apart from HPL, We also manufactured Textured Mould for short cycle, however thickness for short cycle is 5mm
  • If for short cycle the thickness is 5mm then is it same for HPL?

    No, for HPL thickness might be 2.5mm or 3mm
  • Do you also process mirror finish plate?

    No, currently we buy from domestic market or import, but we will have  mirror facility in house in 2019. Where our target is to achieve Gloss above 1200GS with RA of 20 microns.
  • Do you have sample testing facility to make proto type laminates?

    Yes, we have single day light hot press for proto typing or to check our mould plates in house.
  • What finest dot or line you can make?

    We have clean room facility, so minimum dot of 100 micron and same is with line textures.
  • Do you do chroming to every mould plate?

    No, we don’t do chroming to each and every plates, but if clients want plate should be chrome, then we do chroming process.
  • What is your lead time to manufacture simple to very complex hot press moulds.?

    Lead time depends on design, material , dimensional view ,  surface coating required or not. But maximum 8-12  working days from the date of advance for established design , if it new design than 8-15 working days.
  • How you receive payment?

  • What is frequency of new designs?

    In our case, we started with design activity first and later actual manufacturing operation. Therefore, we have stock of more than 2000 new design. Every week we manufacture proto type mould plate and send samples to our esteem clients.
  • Do you also export?

    Yes, we are also into exports
  • How packing is done ?

    Every mould is laminated by plastic coating and stacked together. Which is later packed in wooden box.
  • Is your packing sea worthy.?

    Yes, when its export order we do packing which is sea worthy.
  • What is MOQ for textured mould plate?

    1 Nos.
  • Are you competitive compared with your competitors?

    Yes, we are competitive as well as proactive to our clients.
  • How do I get in touch with you?

    Email ( which is mentioned on our website) or any other social media or direct calling.
  • Are you looking for any dealers in India or Outside India?

    Yes, we are looking for trustworthy dealers both in India and Overseas.


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